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Sonja Nelson 2007 Jeffco Women's Swimming 5A winner is attending Regis University

Chantel Mustoe 2007 Jeffco Women's Swimming 4A winner is attending Cal Tech University

2010 5A Recipient  Holly Thompson, attending US Air Force Academy

2009 5-A Jefferson County Female $1500.00 Scholarship Winner, Kelly Stone with  fellow swimmer Brittan Sutphin who was revived in December of 2008 with an AED at the Wheat Ridge Rec Center during High School Swim practice.  

2009 4-A Jefferson County Male $1500.00 Scholarship Winner, Christian Treat

2010 4A Recipient  Katie Hack, attending New Mexico State

2009 5-A Jefferson County Male $1500.00 Scholarship Winner, Korben Knudson

Agatha Oleksiak  2008 Jeffco Women's Swimming 4A Winner is attending Gonzaga University (no photo available)

2011 Men's Recipient Darian Brunetti, attending University of Denver

Maddie Hack 2008 Jeffco Women's Swimming 5A Winner and is attending University of Arizona

Fabian Brunetti 2007  
Jeffco Men's Swimming Winner is attending Southern Methodist University

Roger Hu 2008 Jeffco Men's Swimming  Scholarship Winner is attending Harvard University